Tuesday, February 7: The 10 AM class is a go!  For today (and possibly Feb. 14), we're located at 2002 Riverside Drive, Suite 42-O (in the middle-ish section of the top floor).  Many of our Grandfriends at Brooks-Howell Home have the flu, so Attic Salt Theatre Company has graciously offered the use of their space.

Our Winter Session is just halfway over, and we are welcoming visitors!  Your first visit is free. E-mail Kari for dates.

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The Winter Session runs through March 7-10.  We tentatively plan to start our Spring Session the week of March 20.  This will depend somewhat on whether we can get through the rest of our Winter Sesssion without weather or sickness cancellations.  Registration begins February 20.  Receive $5 off if you enroll in the first week of registration.

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We offer discounts to families who refer their friends to Music Together.  Contact us if you think you may be eligible.

News for this Spring:
  • Asheville Area Music Together is celebrating 10 YEARS of musical fun and learning with families!  Be on the look-out for some special offering and opportunities!
  • We're hunting for a great teacher who can fill the need for afternoon/evening/Saturday classes, so let us know if you're interested!
  • We'd love to offer the Babies Only classes again this Spring!  Babies Only is a special learning and bonding experience for children 8 months of age and younger and their parents.  You'll enjoy connecting with your baby musically and sharing community with other new parents.  Babies are still always welcome to attend a Mixed Ages Class, whether registered on their own or attending free with an older brother or sister.  More details here.
  • We love our Generations Class at Brooks-Howell Home!  A special group of grand-friends join this Mixed Ages classes for a true *Mixed Ages* experience.  More details here.


Is your preferred class time full?  Please register on the waiting list.  There's often a lot of shuffling around the first couple of weeks of the semester, and spaces often open up!

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All children are musical! All children can learn to sing in tune, keep a beat, and participate with confidence in the music of our culture!

ASHEVILLE AREA MUSIC TOGETHER opened in 2006 to provide a rich, fun musical learning environment for young children and their families. This growing music and movement program has sparked musical learning and bonding experiences for hundreds of families in the Asheville area.

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