Fall Session begins September 5!  Enrollment is now open.  Tuition is $160 and covers 10 classes and all materials.  We will run classes for 11 weeks to help create extra class opportunities for folks who will be traveling.

Sign up now to preview a class this week.  Families from the Summer Session will be attending make-up classes this week, so it's a great opportunity to jump in with some folks who already know the ropes.

It's tricky to know in advance what enrollment will be like!  Classes will be added or combined, depending on enrollment.  If you don't see a class time that works for me, please fill out this quick survey!

Secure-Subscribe to our Email Newsletter to get notifications about Demo Classes and registration reminders for upcoming Sessions.

Ongoing discounts: Siblings 8 months old or younger on the first day of class may tag along with an older enrolled sibling for the entire Session for free.  Siblings over 9 months old receive a $35 discount.  Twins receive $50 off of one sibling's tuition.  Infant tag-along, sibling, and twin discounts are applied automatically at discount.  Siblings 6 years old and up may attend class for free (let us know they're coming) and are strongly encouraged to join the circle with us and participate as they are able.  

Referral discount: We appreciate and rely on word-of-mouth referrals!  These help us keep advertising costs down.  We thank referring families by offering a $10 credit/discount to families who refer their friends to Music Together.  Contact us if you think you may be eligible.

News for this Fall:
  • We're hunting for a great teacher who can fill the need for afternoon/evening/Saturday classes, so let us know if you're interested!
  • We love our Generations Class at Brooks-Howell Home!  A special group of Grandfriends join this Mixed Ages classes for a true *Mixed Ages* experience.  More details here.


Is your preferred class time full?  Please register on the waiting list.  There's often a lot of shuffling around the first couple of weeks of the semester, and spaces often open up!

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Asheville Area Music Together

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All children are musical! All children can learn to sing in tune, keep a beat, and participate with confidence in the music of our culture!

ASHEVILLE AREA MUSIC TOGETHER opened in 2006 to provide a rich, fun musical learning environment for young children and their families. This growing music and movement program has sparked musical learning and bonding experiences for hundreds of families in the Asheville area.

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